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Entrepreneurial spirit

Adhere to the "pragmatic, innovative and efficient" spirit of enterprise
Corporate ethics:

Adhere to the "outside the tree image of integrity, endowment loyalty style" of corporate ethics

Corporate purposes:

Adhering to the "create value for users, for enterprises to create profits for employees to create a platform for the community to create prosperity," the business

Business philosophy:

Implement the "talent and technology as the basis, to create the best products and services for the contribution of human society" business philosophy

Company quality policy:

Meet the quality and meet the requirements of customers

Continuous improvement and continuous improvement of quality management system
Company Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

A) "strictly abide by the relevant environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations and the relevant provisions to prevent environmental pollution and safety incidents"

B) "Protect employees in a safe and healthy working environment"

C) "Build green products"

D) "to strengthen the staff's environmental and occupational health and safety awareness, continuous improvement of environmental and occupational health and safety management system"

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