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Police firefighting exercises were held jointly
Date:2017-03-07 13:13:19

       Fire accidents are more harmful to modern society, the occurrence of more frequent disasters. June 3, 2013 Jilin Baoyuan Feng poultry industry company caused a large fire caused a total of 121 people were killed, giving the lesson is profound. In order to improve the staff awareness of fire prevention in summer, the company organized insulation paint, paint, coil, mica belt, warehouse, metal cable workshop and technical, quality inspection, equipment and other relevant departments on July 4, 2013, She sent the fire brigade together, in the metal cable road opposite the open space fire fighting exercises.
        17:00 pm, attend the staff on time to the exercise scene collection. Before the start of the exercise, the community police Zhang Jian for us to explain the fire safety knowledge and fire hydrant installation and the use of fire extinguishers, and personally demonstrated for us. The fire hydrant should be straightened and stacked from one end to the other. Dry powder fire extinguisher should be used to unplug the insurance pin, one hand to hold the bottom of the bottle, the other hand holding the handle, hand light nozzle, dry powder can be sprayed, stressed that when the spray powder to the root of the flame The Dry powder fire extinguishers are choking fire, generally applicable to solid, liquid and electrical fire. Manufacturing Department Lu Shirong and Gu Junfeng took the lead in the demonstration.

        This exercise is rich in content, the process is wonderful. The entire training and exercise ended at 18:00 pm. The exercise of the company's emergency plans have been fully implemented, but also to the company's fire extinguishing skills and emergency response capabilities have been improved so that participants to improve the awareness of fire, mastered the fire fighting skills, so that in the event of fire and other sudden The situation can calm and calm response and treatment, the successful completion of the intended purpose.

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