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Successful holding of JuFeng shares in 2016 annual summary of work and outstanding staff recognition
Date:2017-03-11 13:22:23

       Time such as quicksand from the fingers slip, blink of an eye is a year passed. Jufeng company in the January 21, 2017 in the R & D building on the fifth floor conference room held a grand work summary of 2016 and outstanding staff recognition. Attend the meeting of the company's senior leadership, department managers, workshop managers and staff representatives a total of more than 150 people. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Shen Hongxing, Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
        The main purpose of the meeting is to sum up the past and look to the future. Share the highlights and characteristics of the work, analyze the shortcomings of the existence of targeted measures to improve and 2017 work plan. So that each participant is very clear about the specific work of the various departments over the past year and the new year's goal planning.
        The moderator's brief opening speech, opened the prelude to this meeting. At the meeting, the responsible person in accordance with the instructions, to all the participants to report their work over the past year. Mr. Jin Yingzhong, general manager of the company came up with the new US President Trump's draft of the draft to share with you, Mr. Xu Weihong, chairman of the final summary made a statement. Mr. Xu, chairman of the meeting fully affirmed the achievements of the departments in 2016, pointed out the various departments in the process of achieving the indicators and the urgent need to solve the problem, the company's six platforms and field staff to interact, and further stressed Its importance. In the face of today's severe market situation, the chairman made a few suggestions: First, to gradually achieve globalization, in the transformation of the upgrade, in the development of change, and constantly improve the external environment, the development of Europe and North America market; Energy consumption, less cost; third in the internal management, so that specific problems specific analysis, as far as possible to simplify the process, so that efficient decision-making; Fourth, efforts to promote the process of listing, take the capital market path, increase efforts to enter the IPO. Opportunities contain wonderful, innovative achievements Albert, the new year to open new hope, the new process carries a new dream. 2017, it is our sail voyage, write the chapter of the key chapter! We will be confident, towards a higher goal. At the end of the meeting, the senior leaders of the outstanding staff in recognition of awards, outstanding staff on behalf of Mr. Chai Zhenhua came to speak, he thanked the company awarded the honor, said it would strictly require themselves, the sales performance next year to do better.
       13.30 pm, the five groups discussed the rationality recommendations in the conference rooms. Discuss the active atmosphere of the scene, participants have enthusiastically asked questions, in view of the existing problems in the work of the corresponding recommendations. 16:30 when the peak year shares of the General Assembly successfully concluded.

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